Friday, 12 May 2017

Why on earth do I want to start blogging?!

Why do I want to Blog??

Blogging Adventure

Hey guys how are you?  Thanks for coming back to read my next post, I really do appreciate it!  I wanted to take some time out on this blogging journey to put down on paper why I want to blog,  I’m hoping that it helps you understand what me and my blog are all about and helps me to focus and have a purpose with my blog.  There are so many bloggers out there in  the blogosphere now it seems crazy that I’d want to add into that with another blog of my own to fight for a little bit of space and promotion over the internet.  So I thought I’d do a little ‘Blog Manifesto’ for you guys to see what Laura’s Carousel is all about!

Laura’s Carousel: Blog Manifeso’

This blog is both for me and for you and I want it to be mostly a place where you can feel relaxed and at home.  I want Laura’s Carousel to be about comfort and cosyness and relaxation.  A place you can come after a hard day and read something that will make you smile or take a deep breath and just feel comforted.   So I gotta hold my hands up now and say I’m a pyjamas and slippers and duvet girl and I’m not all that glossy – I’m really soz guys if that’s what you were looking for but it ain’t me!  I know that that’s the sort of ideal that I’m competing with in the blogosphere and sometimes I’d love to be a glossy, tanned, smooth haired gorgeous insta theme girl but I’m most probably writing the majority of my posts curled up under my duvet with a big cosy jumper on and Amelia my gorgeous fur baby smuggled up at the bottom of my bed! As I’m writing this I’m sitting with a cup of tea, munching a flapjack (after just having two biscuits dunked in the tea of course!) and I had to wait for Amelia to get off my lap before I could put the laptop there!! She’s sitting at my side now giving herself a good ol’ clean as cats do! But anyway, that’s the kinda vibe I want Laura’s Carousel to have!  If that's the sort of vibe a blog can have!  Don’t get me wrong – I love dressing up in my high heels and my makeup as much as the next girl and I love the different ways doing my makeup, hair and playing about with different styles of clothes can make me feel.  Although I do spend a lot of the time feeling poorly and pretty sorry for myself I’m gonna admit! But I can put on a different cloak if you like when I put on a different style of clothes and that’s amazing.  I often get inspired by other bloggers fashion posts and love getting new ideas but 90% of the time I’m pretty low maintenance and chilled.  I’m all about that comfort and that’s what I want my little space to be. 

– how could you be  mad at that face for stopping you doing any work?!!

Okay so cool I want my blog to be comfy but what else? …

Well I want to have some way of expressing the thoughts in my head. I'd like some place to be able to share my opinions on a bit of anything and everything.  This is something that sometimes in real life I'm not really all that good at, I maybe am in certain situations when I'm really comfortable with someone but it's just not something that I always feel comfortable doing!  So I want Laura's Carousel to by my little place, my little safe corner where hopefully I can find the confidence to share some opinions.  

Similarly,  I want to find some way of raising awareness of my condition PoTS and about chronic life too.  I had never heard of PoTS until not long before I was diagnosed with it and most people that I speak to about it have never heard of it either and look at me strangely when I say that's what I have!  I want my blog to be a nice balance between raising awareness and discussing health issues but also all the rest of life 'stuffs' too!  Fun things like the latest Primark buys I might want or have bought and the shows I'm watching to the deeper issues too - my plan is for it to be a good mix of both! 

 I want to have a positive way to spend my time and to talk about what’s going on with me and turn it into something positive rather than it just building up inside me.  I also want to have a little bit of fun, my life now is very different than it was a couple of years ago and I don’t have as much contact with people so I want to have a way of just having a bit of fun and to have a bit of a hobby.  I’m not working and it’s scary to think of how much time has passed where I really haven’t been doing much at all – yup absolutely there are days I need to rest and I need my sleep or to do nothing but there are some days that I spend way too much time doing nothing or browsing online and turning that into a blog feels pretty good to me. 

Also,  a pretty big reason that I have for starting this blog is that I love writing;  I’d forgotten how much I love to write.  At school reading and writing used to be my favourite things to do and I loved English as my favourite subject but I’m an adult now and I can choose to do as much of it as I’d like! 
I want to have some place that’s completely  safe for me to talk about my health problems and chronic condition as well as my mental health.  I also would love to connect with others in similar situations. 

Here’s my biggie…. My pulling reason for starting my blog.  I want to be relatable in that way that is often so hard to find when you’re ill or lonely.  I’d love it if people stumbled across some post on Laura’s Carousel that just made them feel  like yes yes I do that or I feel that, that sounds like me!  I want people – including myself! – to know that they aren’t alone in this life.  Life’s really hard for everyone - not just those of us in chronic health situations, but everyone - and I just want to make things a little bit easier if that’s at all possible in any way.  I’d love to be that girl on the internet that writes stuff that you totally relate to and who feels like a friend; rather than the polished picture of some distant far away place and person that just doesn’t feel like you. 

Sorry guys, I had this quote stuck in my head while I was writing this so had to share - Yup; I'm gonna be THAT girl!! ;) Laura's Carousel is gonna change your life haha!!  

So I just wanted to let you know in advance that’s what you’re getting here – I’m so unlikely to have a sleek Insta theme or gorgeous flatlays and my posts on here and on Insta are going to be a just a little bit of everything and anything.  Life updates, opinion pieces, things I like and dislike ... What’s going on in my life?  Could it be happening to you too?  Laura’s Carousel manifesto is a promise to always be your 'girl next door' that you can turn to if you need someone. 

Like I said I want this place to be relatable and to be someone that feels friendly and approachable etc! So if anyone out there reading this ever feels completely lonely or horribly upset with anything at all please please know that you can contact me using the details on this page; I’m here and if I can help in anyway then I'd love to try. 

I hope you like it here at Laura’s Carousel and feel comfy enough to stay, grab yourself a cuppa and a duvet or blanket and have a read! Until next time guys, love Laura xxx


  1. I think i am becoming addicted!!! Well written girl!!x

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot :) have you caught my new post yet?

  2. Hey! Love your blog, just letting you know that I have nominated you for the unique blogger award on my blog! Congrats hun! here's the post for you to have a little read, <3 z

    1. Sorry for the late comment! Thank you lovely that's so nice :) I will schedule this in soon! Xx

  3. This was a really sweet post to read Laura - I'm definitely a fan of nights in, pjs, tea and the whole comfort and relaxation vibe too!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    1. Thank you Sophie :) really love the relaxation vibe!

  4. Aw this is great :) Totally all valid reasons for wanting to start blogging. When I started it was because I wanted to improve my writing skills as I didn't have much confidence at all and it just sort of evolved over time and found my footing. So exciting to see you start on your blogging journey xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  5. I am hooked. You write beautifully

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment :)


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