Saturday, 1 July 2017

Bloggers Essential Box from Dot Creates Review

Dot Creates

Bloggers Essential Box Review

Hello my lovelies how are you?  I hope that you are enjoying my Blog so far!  I wrote this post a little while ago so I have had the box a while now and still agree with all my comments :)  Spoiler - I love it! 

The sun is shining today and I think it’s actually warmer outside than it is in my house!  I would sit outside to type this up but there is a chilly wind out there because of course I am in Scotland so of course there is a chilly wind!  But the sun being out has got me in a good little mood and so far today I’ve done some hoovering and changed the cat litter and done some washing – not a lot really but it is for me and my health, I can feel my joints protesting already but they can just shush for a while!  Anyway! … Today I just want to talk to you a little bit about The Bloggers Essential box from 'Dot Creates'  and do a little review of it to let you know what I thought. 

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