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Bloggers Essential Box from Dot Creates Review

Dot Creates

Bloggers Essential Box Review

Hello my lovelies how are you?  I hope that you are enjoying my Blog so far!  I wrote this post a little while ago so I have had the box a while now and still agree with all my comments :)  Spoiler - I love it! 

The sun is shining today and I think it’s actually warmer outside than it is in my house!  I would sit outside to type this up but there is a chilly wind out there because of course I am in Scotland so of course there is a chilly wind!  But the sun being out has got me in a good little mood and so far today I’ve done some hoovering and changed the cat litter and done some washing – not a lot really but it is for me and my health, I can feel my joints protesting already but they can just shush for a while!  Anyway! … Today I just want to talk to you a little bit about The Bloggers Essential box from 'Dot Creates'  and do a little review of it to let you know what I thought. 

Dot Creates is an online stationery shop and is run by the lovely Danielle.  I had stumbled across the twitter for the shop a while back and had been lusting over so many of the prints that Danielle sells; I SO love a quote print! Then recently the Bloggers Essential Box was released, I had been planning to start up my blog and so the timing seemed so perfect, I knew I had to have it.  I was so excited looking through the description of the box and all it contained – it seemed absolutely ideal for someone like me that was just going to start out and needed some helpful tools.  I thought that this box would be great for helping me to get my own blog launched.  I seen reviews online by other bloggers such as Alice's and my excitement for the box grew; I couldn’t wait until I was able to do my own review and well here we are now!  I finally had some funds and was ready to order but then had a dilemma; in the box you receive an Ultimate Blog Planner and you get a choice of 3 colours – spotty, grey or peach – I decided that I wanted the peach planner but when I went to order it was out of stock.  I messaged Dot Creates on twitter to ask if it would be back in soon and received a really friendly reply to say that it would in a few days’ time; even better I then had a twitter message a few days later to let me know that the peach planner was back in stock,  I thought that this was so nice of Danielle to remember I had messaged and to keep me updated, for me it was a really nice personal service touch.  So, I was then able to order my box!  Yay!

The postage was so fast, I ordered my box on the Thursday and I received it on the Monday, I hadn’t been expecting it for a couple of days so I was really pleased when it arrived.  I liked that the box slips through the letter box so you don’t need to worry about anyone being home to receive it, it’s a perfect size.  Unpacking my Bloggers Essential Box was so exciting, it had been wrapped up and laid out so well with tissue paper inside and yellow polka dot washi tape with a post it size card saying ‘you can never have too much stationery’!  I love that quote and it’s so true, no matter how many notepads, quote prints and pens I have I always want more.  Amelia was getting excited with the tissue paper too and wanted to help me unwrap the items so I had to give her some tissue paper of her own to play with! She’s a very nosy cat! 

Everything was wrapped inside the box so well with the items being inside polythene bags as well as the tissue paper and the box – it just made the presentation of the box so lovely and gave it that little bit of extra something.  So inside the box what did we have?  There are two sheets of stickers, one in pastel-ly colours which are very cute; I’m thinking I will use some of these to decorate my laptop, particularly the ‘You Got This’ as that’s one of my favourite sayings.  The second sticker sheet is black and white and focuses on things to do and important etc. 

There is a set of 4 pencils which are very pretty, they are white with gold foil and 4 different sayings on them –
Ummm, I need coffee, Eat sleep blog repeat and Put that magic on paper.  Having these has made me feel really nostalgic – I’d forgotten how nice it is to write with pencil rather than pen!                                                                         

Then there are the quote cards – I am a total sucker for a quote print, I LOVE them! I’m always looking at stationery shops online that have them and looking through the ones that mean something to me.  In the Bloggers box the quote prints you get are-
‘Do more of what makes you Happy’ in A6
‘Learn to rest not quit’ in A6
‘Eat sleep blog repeat’ in A5
And my favourite - ‘Life is better in rose gold’  in A5. 

These are all hand written by Danielle herself which is amazing, the prints do not look hand-drawn on they are such good quality and have obviously been done with such care.  In fact Dot Creates had a poll on twitter just recently and most people believed that the images were created with fonts! They are very prettily done and the card is very good quality too. 
As well as the Blogger box, I also treated myself to the ‘Ok lets do this’ print for a bit of motivation and also the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ print because I might as well own up to it haha! 

Finally , the last 2 items in the box are the Blog Planner notepad and the Ultimate Blog Planner.  The Ultimate Blog Planner is such a fantastic tool for keeping yourself organised in terms of your blogging posts.  

It is covered by a plastic cover at the front to protect it and has 192 pages which are undated meaning you can start it at any time.  It has space for some notes for your post, a little mini diary section on each page and reminders for your words, links, photos and to publish the post!  Not only that but every so often throughout the planner there is a quote print page, there are lots of these such as ‘And so the adventure begins’, ‘It always seems impossible til its done’.  At these sections there is space to keep track of any sponsored content that you may have;  I love that this is there if you may need it and there is plenty of space for it, including a few pages at the back as well but it’s also not a main focus of the planner so if you don’t yet do any sponsored content, like myself, then it doesn’t matter.  At the back of the planner there is also a few pages for any notes, left blank so you can keep track of anything you need to as a blogger.  The planners come in 3 colours spotty, peach and grey and I chose the peach colour because I think it is a really nice shade and a different looking colour.  I think that this planner is going to be such a good way for me to get organised in blogging; I think it will help me develop a blogging system by getting me to jot down some key points for each post first – to sit down and think about it and make sure that I don’t forget the important points. 


The Blog Planner notepad is a very similar idea to the Ultimate Blog planner on a smaller scale, it is tear off pages and the pages are almost the same as each of the daily pages in the Ultimate planner; this would be really handy for carrying around and keeping track of ideas on the go. 

Another little touch that is added that makes the box really special is a little card to thank you for your order on which Danielle has personally written a little thank you on the back!  That is so sweet and for me it is personal touches such as this that make me want to order again. 


So in summary, I think the Bloggers Essential box is fab!  It is such a handy tool for any blogger, for the well-established bloggers and the absolute newbies like myself!  Like I’ve mentioned I think that this will help me to get organised as a blogger, the quote prints are so motivating and they will be SO useful in blog photos!  I am also planning on doing little different quote areas around the house, I know that I want one around my desk in my bedroom, a little stationery area makes me very happy 😊 and any excuse to buy more quote prints!  Everything in the box is so pretty and absolutely instagrammable!  The box is currently selling at £26, everything in the box individually would total up to £35 so it is an amazing deal!  I would advise anyone swithering over buying the box to go for it, you won’t regret it – I certainly haven’t! 

Dot Creates also sells lots of other things as well as the box including more prints, notepads, phone cases and the weekly life planner that I am currently lusting over!  It looks so great for organising your week and remembering all the little things to do.  So whether you knew of Dot Creates before this post or didn’t here’s a little link to the shop – go on, have a browse and treat yourself 😉

Lotsa love, Laura xx

p.s  This post is not sponsored at all, the Dot Creates Bloggers Essential Box was bought by myself and all love for it is my own! 


  1. OMG I NEED THIS BOX! It's so perfect in every way possible! <3 I love it!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  2. I almost got this box a little while ago but there were too many unnecessary items in it for me personally (I'm trying to become a minimalist) but I'm tempted to get some stickers and maybe the blog planner one day! It does all look so lovely though and it's so impressive that she does the writing herself!
    Saph xx

  3. Well this is just friggin' adorable! I love the cat lady one. Great photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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