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My Purrfect Gift Box Review

Review Post - My Purrfect Gift Box*

When I first heard of the product that I'm going to talk to you guys about today, I got rather excited; it instigated a need in me for a product I never knew existed until then! If you've read any of my posts before this or know me then you'll know how much I love cats - in particular my own furball Amelia; it's no secret and I wouldn't even try and deny that I'm a bit of a cat lady... a big bit of a cat lady in fact!  Amelia is definitely my little baby and when I found out that I could get something that would have gifts for me and gifts for her I was thrilled, how perfect!  I know that many of you subscribe to monthly beauty boxes such as Birchbox, well 'My Purrfect Gift Box'* is exactly along those lines however instead of featuring beauty products it features cat products - cat themed products for you and (if chosen) gifts for your furchild too!  How amazing does that sound?  I absolutely love this idea, it is something really different to the beauty boxes which I've always loved the idea of - who doesn't love the thought of getting gifts in the post every month?! - but unfortunately I'm just not a big enough beauty products user to make use of them fully.  

"The UK's only style box for people who love cats" 

 My Purrfect Gift box is such a really different, creative idea that caters to such a big group of people.  It is the first of its kind in the UK - a subscription service just for cat lovers!  They offer subscription boxes in variable plans too so it would be easy to find one to suit; they have month-to-month, 3 monthly and 6 monthly as well as being able to purchase a one-off gift box which is absolutely perfect for a gift for someone or simply a treat for yourself!  You can also buy some of the products featured from past boxes and gift certificates too.  Every month there is a different theme for the gift boxes and the cat related products are focused around that theme, the team at My Purrfect Gift box work so hard to find unique products for cat lovers many of which are exclusives.  Not only that but a portion of each box subscription is donated to UK charities supporting animal charities such as rescue centres and animal shelters so with your subscription you are receiving cat themed gifts and knowing that you are helping cat charities within the UK.  The team behind this wonderful creation are Kim and Juan Kniveton who set up their business to help make a difference to cats across the UK.  Kim and Juan also run Boodee Beg Boarding Cattery, they are a family run business and it's obvious that they absolutely have a love of cats!  

My Purrfect Gift Box were really kind and sent me one of their July boxes for me to review and let my readers at Laura's Carousel know what I thought.  Unfortunately this post is going up on the blog slightly later than I had planned due to the little unscheduled blog break that I took so I really apologise to everyone at My Purrfect Gift Box for the delay in posting this review.  The first thing that I can say about the gift box that I received is that when I got the box I absolutely wanted to tell everyone about this wonderful find!  I had been slightly worried that it would be a product that sounded amazing but didn't live up to it but this product sounds amazing and is amazing!

When I received the box at the end of July I was absolutely tickled because the box is purple and filled with purple shredded paper too - my favourite colour is purple so it just seemed even more perfect!  I don't think that they designed the box with me in mind unfortunately but the first look of the box is exciting and of something high quality, well made and lovingly designed.  It was really well wrapped up with the purple tissue paper and a pretty ribbon too.  The theme for the July box was 'Under the Sea', I was really looking forward to seeing what products were included because although I knew what the theme was the actual gifts are a surprise!

The box included this beautiful cat brooch 'purrmaid', it's so pretty and SO unique and feels really quality too.  This product has been handmade and was found on Etsy shop TheStarandHeart.  One of the first things that I thought when I opened this was how good this little cutie would look in blog / instagram! 

The box also included stationery products - combining 2 of my favourite things - cats and stationery!  There was a 'purrmaid' notebook with a beautifully drawn purmaid taken from an original painting by Lucie Dumas from 'artbyLucie' on Etsy and made into a notepad.  The detail on the drawing is absolutely amazing, so thorough, even down to the cat's whiskers and gorgeous little paws that I just want to pick up and stroke heehee, yup crazy cat lady coming out a little! 

Purrmaid on the notepad

As well as this the other stationery product there was a set of four Under the Sea cards which are also so unbelievably cute!  I love them and I've found perfect use for both of these products; the notepad was the absolute perfect thing to write notes on for my sister when she was staying at mine to look after Amelia whilst I was in Ireland! What an ideal thing to write notes on about the cat!  And I used the cards as a little thank you card to family in Ireland, such a unique card that I wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else.  These notecards are designed by My Purrfect Gift Box.

Also included was this gorgeous smelling Dead Sea Salt bath soak.  Again the salts are purple, such a sweet little bottle and has only 2 ingredients -  lavender which helps have a calming effect as well as the Dead Sea salts which benefit the skin.  This product was found from Etsy shop SavvyCatSoapCo.

Bath Soak

 My favourite item from the July box was an absolutely beautiful necklace made with local sea glass.  I'd never seen anything like this before, again it is so unique.  The necklace feels really good quality, the sea glass was sourced by Etsy shop WashedupCrafts and MyPurrfect Gift box added the cute cat charm onto each one.  The cat is SO cute and sweet and the sea glass makes the necklace look very pretty and special.  It really is a one of a kind item.  

Not only that but the giftbox also included 2 gifts just for Amelia too!

'Just looking Mummy'

Sticking to the Under the Sea theme even in the cat gifts, the cat products featured were a catnip oyster with crochet pearl (designed just for this box from Etsy shop CrochetKitty) and a valerian dolphin! (found from website selling cat toys - www.katzenworld.co.uk)  Amelia was trying to take these toys off me as soon as I was taking them out of the box - the girl loves a bit of catnip!! Her favourite toy is the dolphin and he regularly gets attacked and played with when she has her playful times.  I love the idea of the oyster because we have lost soo many balls in this house (I'd love to see how many are sitting at the back of the couch!!) with Amelia playing with them and the oyster is a similar idea to the ball but it can't get lost so easily!

Both of these toys were very well liked by Amelia, however she also had a huge amount of fun with the purple shredded paper and we have spent a good while playing with that together since the box arrived.  She didn't see this box as one which she could sit in which I was surprised about because she usually loves a box to squeeze herself into, but that might be because of the shredded tissue paper - she wasn't going to sit on top of that stuff when she was busy killing it!

I absolutely, genuinely love My Purrfect Gift Box; I think this is an amazing idea for a subscription box and think that this has been so well executed.  I love the fact that the products are from Etsy shops and so will be small businesses and that some of the products are designed specifically to go in the box, meaning that the gifts not only look different and one of a kind but are!  This business not only supports small businesses but also supports animal charities as well.  The box was beautifully set out and wrapped, with the tissue paper and bows and including a little thank you note which is a lovely personal touch.

It is obvious that a LOT of work goes into these boxes, what with the searching for products, designing products with small businesses, making products and putting together the boxes as well as running a cattery!  A My Purrfect Gift Box is an absolutely perfect gift for anyone that loves cats, the fact that you can buy a one-off box and send it as a gift is ideal; I know I would be absolutely over the moon to receive one of these as a gift!  As I've mentioned before in this review it would be such a different, unique present.  And as you can see from the pictures the box will also make your cat happy!!

As a subscription service the gift boxes are a little bit expensive for someone like myself who isn't working at the moment; prices start from £22.50 - with no cat gifts -  which I think is great that they do this also because it means that cat lovers who don't have a cat don't have to miss out! The price goes up to starting from £30.50 for a box including cat gifts.  To buy the boxes as a one-off is a little more expensive so the subsciption works out cheaper in the long run!   When I think of the effort and work that goes into these gift boxes, that this is a family run business and that products are sourced from mostly small businesses I think that the price is justified;  and not forgetting that a portion of that money also goes to charity.  So although I wouldn't be able to afford to subscribe monthly at this moment in time,  I will definitely be taking advantage of the one-off boxes to treat myself occasionally and I have my eye on a couple of items from the past boxes in the shop also; including the cat beanie hat and cat lady makeup bag as well as the one time Pampurr gift box, these look amazing.  My sister, Rebecca from 'The Becca Effect' fell in love with the Purrmaid brooch when I showed her the box so I think she has her eye on a couple of things from the shop when she has some pennies! 

If you have looked at this product and been unsure whether to get it then my advice would be to go do it, you absolutely will not regret it and it will be a wonderful treat when it comes in the post.  Or if you had never heard of this product before I hope I have introduced you to something new that you and your kitty cat will love as much as I do!  Thank you so much to My Purrfect Gift box for collaborating with me on this box and for the work that you do with these, it's really amazing! I apologise that this post is so long, I wasn't able to stop writing once I started writing about this - like I said earlier I just wanted to let everyone know about this one off a kind find and as usual I took way too many photos of Amelia!

'What's in there for me Mummy?'

Where can you find My Purrfect Gift Box? 

For more info and to subscribe or check out the shop the website can be found here: 

and they are also on social media too! Find My Purrfect Gift Box on twitter, facebook and Instagram

The theme for October's box is 'black cats' and there are limited number of boxes so don't delay or you might miss out! 

Had you guys heard of this company before?  Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes at all?  Do you know of any other amazing cat related products?! Let me know in the comments - hit a girl up with all the fab cat finds! :)

Until next time my lovelies, Laura x

This product was kindly sent to me by My Purrfect Gift Box in exchange for an honest review however all thoughts, opinions and cat love are absolutely my own ... and Amelia's! 

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