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Hello my lovelies!  It's been a little while since I appeared on here; I hope that you're all well and things are good!  A very happy 2018 to you and I hope that you all had an amazing christmas and new year, it's mad that we are coming to the end of January already and Christmas was already those few weeks ago - it really does just fly by!  

One of my goals for this year is to read more, I really love reading but I often struggle to just pick up a book and can be found watching trashy - but fun! - stuff on tv or aimlessly playing with my phone and scrolling through social media but when I do read I absolutely love that feeling of getting lost in a book, in someone else's world!  So when Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours asked me to take part in the tour for 'Prosecco Christmas' by Sylvia Ashby I of course said yes.  I really enjoyed the last tour I took part in for Jenny which was for 'The Sinking Chef', the 2nd book in the Pot Love series and Prosecco Christmas is the 3rd book in the series; although they are all standalone books! I really enjoyed The Sinking Chef and you can find my review of it here.  Having really enjoyed The Sinking Chef I was really interested to see what Sylvia would do with the story and whether it would be just as good.  


Book Synopsis 

Family is where life begins.
And what better time to spend with your family than Christmas week?

Ashley and Giacomo go to Upper Swainswick, a postcard village ten minutes’ drive from Bath, to stay with Ashley’s mum and stepdad. It’s their last visit before the arrival of their first child.

But babies have a habit of being unpredictable.

So when Ashley goes into labour on Christmas Eve, three weeks ahead of schedule, it takes everyone by surprise.
She’s not ready! Her perfect Birth Plan is packed away in her hospital bag two hundred miles away, she has no going home outfit, and she has a live event planned for New Year’s Eve for her YouTube channel, The Sinking Chef. People have been signing up for it for weeks. She can’t possibly disappoint them on the last day of the year. What is she to do?

The tinsel gets even more tangled when Giacomo’s parents decide to fly from Italy to meet their first grandchild. Hotels are fully booked, so everyone has to stay under the same roof.

Would eleven people in the house, not counting the baby, turn out to be simply too much for Ashley?

My Review  

(4/5 stars)

Prosecco Christmas is a really warm, cosy, chaotic and heartwarming story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The story picks up a little while after The Sinking Chef but our favourite characters Ashley and Giacomo are still the same.  Their relationship is portrayed so well in both books, I think particularly in Prosecco Christmas because they are shown to have lots of little close moments just the two of them after Mia is born; it was really nice to see the couple develop into a family.  They have such a sweet relationship and it is obvious how much they both love each other. Giacomo is Ashley's safe place and it is shown throughout the story how he helps to keep her grounded.  Sylvia writes all the various aspects of the story so well that I could feel the chaotic family atmosphere and all the hustle and bustle of so many people together in one houses for Christmas. She managed to weave the different plot lines together very well so that the storyline just flowed.  I really enjoyed getting to know Ashley's mum, Samantha,  a bit better and the development in their relationship, Samantha brought so many funny moments to the story, she is a brilliant character.  As with The Sinking Chef, Ashley was my favourite character in this book; for me she is a relateable character in some ways, I really felt for her in her moments of insecurity and stress! It was lovely following Ashley and Giacomo's journey into parenthood.  

I only had a couple of little quibbles with the book, firstly I did notice a few typos through the book, they didn't put me off and I was able to work out what was meant but might annoy some people!  The story could be slightly far-fetched, over the top and a bit dramatic but this didn't spoil my enjoyment of the book it contributed to it being a fun easy read and in some ways some of the drama could be understood because I could see that sometimes Ashley could be a bit of a dramatic person - as is her mum!  So some of the drama worked but in some parts some of the plot was just a bit over the top. I personally would've liked to have seen more interaction with baby Mia, particularly from the other family members; it sometimes seemed a bit like they had forgotten she was there or why they were all there - but that just might be me and my love of babies shining through!!  When I finished the book I was trying to turn the page looking for a bit of an epilogue to sum things up and find out how things calmed down after the New Year; but I'm hoping that maybe this just leaves room for more Pot Love to come...! 

This book pulls the reader in from the very first page, it is such an easily readable book, very lighthearted and fun with some romance and a touch of all the chaos and also love that family brings with it.  I loved meeting all the new characters, Sylvia very cleverly gives the backstory around the characters that we already know from the other 2 books so that its like she is simply jogging the readers memory rather than explaining if you happen to have not read the other books.  I loved the way that Sylvia portrays all the drama and craziness that family can bring but also the book really highlights the warmth, love and security that family can bring too.  Although very funny, the family strands of the book were really heartwarming and sweet.  This book is pure escapism, I read this in just a couple of days!  It's a perfect book to get you back into reading if you've been away from it for a while because it has a bit of everything and I was really pulled into the scenes and could really imagine what was going on.  It's a perfect festive read but also easily read at a different time of year - I've read this at the beginning of January and it didn't bother me at all.  I did love that the book was set starting from Christmas eve and happened in the days in between christmas and new year, the time that Ashley and Giacomo were at Ashley's parents house.  As with The Sinking Chef, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours cosy under a blanket with a cup of tea and I'd really love a slice of that Prosecco cake that Ashley was making too!


Now that you've heard my review of the book you also have your chance to win your own ebook copy of Prosecco Christmas with Neverland Blog Tours.  There are 3 copies up for grabs and the giveaway is international.  
All you have to do is to click this link -a Rafflecopter giveaway and follow the instructions!  Good luck :)

About the Author 

Sylvia Ashby is fond of the written word: books, blog posts, recipes, even an explanation to the HM Revenue & Customs as to why she thinks skirts should be exempt from VAT - she's written it all!

She likes travelling and has lived all over Europe - London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, she lives in Leuven, Belgium with her husband, daughter, son and a sparrow called Jack, who comes occasionally to peck the seeds she leaves for him on top of the garden shed.

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If you liked my review and I've convinced you to get your own copy of Prosecco Christmas then you can find the ebook on Amazon UK here  and Amazon US here 
 Go for it, you won't be let down!  Have you guys read any of the Pot Love books?  What are you reading now?  Let me know in the comments, I always love new book ideas!  I'm now reading a book called 'How to be Sick' about chronic illness life and hopefully will get some info on that up on the blog soon!  

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*Thank you very much to Jenny from Neverland Blog Tours for having me on the tour and sending me an ecopy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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